Couples League

The Goal is to introduce the game as a couple's activity, and to allow couples to enjoy the social aspects of the game. Various fun formats for all skill levels are provided. Opening and closing events with 18 hole event and steak fry. FORE Golf organizes the format each Wednesday at alternating courses, and facilitates monthly pot luck dinners to promote additional social interaction. Play begins the end of April and concludes in September.


2023 High-River Couples' League Schedule
Date Time Course Format
May 7 10:00AM SG (Opening Day Potluck) Highland  4-Person Scramble
May 10 3:15-4:00; 6:00PM SG Highland Couples Scramble
May 18 3:15-4:00; 6:00PM SG Riverside Yellow Ball
May 24 3:15-4:00; 6:00PM SG Highland Dice Game
May 31 3:15-4:00; 6:00PM SG Riverside Couples Scramble
June 7 6:00PM SG (Potluck) Highland Gold/White/Blue
June 14 3:15-4:00; 6:00PM SG Riverside String Game
June 21 3:15-4:00; 6:00PM SG Highland 4-Person Scramble
June 28 3:15-4:00; 6:00PM SG Riverside Modified Scramble
July 5 6:00PM SG (Potluck) Highland Couples Scramble/Blind
July 12 3:15-4:00; 6:00PM SG Riverside Couples Scramble
July 19 3:15-4:00; 6:00PM SG Highland Modified Dice
July 26 3:15-4:00; 6:00PM SG Riverside Couples No Scotch
August 2 6:00PM SG (Potluck) Highland Couples Scramble
August 9 3:00-3:45; 5:45PM SG Riverside Yellow Ball
August 16 3:00-3:45; 5:45PM SG Highland 4-Person Scramble
August 23 3:00-3:45; 5:45PM SG Riverside Couples Scramble
August 30 3:00-3:45; 5:45PM SG Highland Gold/White/Blue
September 6 3:00-3:45; 5:45PM SG Riverside String Game
September 13 9:30AM SG (Closing Day Potluck) Highland 4-Person Scramble